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Max Keiser Says 'Stack Satoshis,' Bitcoin to Beat All Asset Classes [Crypto Coins News] Max Keiser tells Crypto Trader when an asset rises from $5K to his price prediction of $100K, it's going to beat the returns of every other asset class.

Elon Musk Dismisses Tesla Toilet Paper Scoop as 'Complete Nonsense' [Crypto Coins News] Elon Musk denies claims that Tesla is cutting toilet paper supplies, but the larger problems will keep weighing on the stock.

Kanye West Defends 'Enemy of America' Trump Fans to David Letterman [Crypto Coins News] David Letterman, who is now hosting a talk show on Netflix, featured Trump supporter Kanye West in the latest episode, and things got heated.

Tesla Perma-Bull Digs in Heels on Stock Price Prediction of at Least $560 [Crypto Coins News] Ark Invest believes at the very least, Tesla's stock is worth roughly three-times its current value even though the company is having issues.

Bong Joon-Ho's 'Parasite' wins big at Cannes: What critics are saying [Mashable] A spoiler-free review roundup for 'Parasite' will definitely capture your interest.

Poland has filed a complaint against the European Union’s copyright directive [The Verge] Poland has officially challenged the European Union’s recently-approved controversial copyright directive, saying that the legislation would bring unwanted censorship. The country filed its complaint yesterday with the the Court of Justice of the European Uni…

Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Destroys Lightning Faithful Tone Vays in Debate [Crypto Coins News] Roger Ver may be a hyperactive personality who occasionally alludes to Bitcoin Cash as being “a version of Bitcoin," but he knows what he’s talking about.

Equity transcribed: How to avoid an IPO [TechCrunch] This week, the Equity duo of Kate Clark and Alex Wilhelm convened to get some quick hits in about Slack’s WORK, Luckin Coffee and Sam Altman’s departure from Y Combinator. They then dug a bit deeper into the money around food: DoorDash and Sun Basket both rai…

An astronomer captured SpaceX’s recently-launched StarLink satellites on video [The Verge] Earlier this week, SpaceX successfully launched its first 60 StarLink satellites into orbit around the Earth. Dr. Marco Langbroek, an amateur astronomer in the Netherlands caught sight of them orbiting Earth after deployment, and captured the scene on video.

Crypto Bulls Wrestle Back Control of BNB after Binance's $40 Million Hack [Crypto Coins News] Binance Coin (BNB) is up by 90% against USDT and 57% against bitcoin since the hack in which 7,000 bitcoins were stolen from the exchange.

To realize its VR dreams, Facebook needs to kill what Oculus has built [TechCrunch] Mark Zuckerberg has poured billions into his virtual reality dream, a new platform that Facebook owns. Facebook bought Oculus and has spent the last five years killing what it was and reinventing it as a Facebook-scale company. It has dumped most of the co-fo…

Facebook exec's defense of the 'drunk Pelosi' video doesn't add up [Mashable] It's an argument that completely sidesteps Russia's proven 2016 election interference.

Elon Musk's Insane Payday: 40,668 Times the Median Tesla Salary [Crypto Coins News] Elon Musk was 2018's highest-paid CEO, and it wasn't close. He made 40,668 times the median Tesla salary following a 4.6 million percent raise.

NASA captures an incredible photo of a rule-breaking spiral galaxy [Mashable] Messier 90 is one of the few galaxies appearing to move closer to us.

This is one smart device that every urban home could use [TechCrunch] Living in a dense urban environment brings many startup-fuelled conveniences, be it near instant delivery of food — or pretty much whatever else you fancy — to a whole range of wheels that can be hopped on (or into) to whisk you around at the tap of an app. B…

'Bitcoin Will Disappear,' Craig Wright Rants in Blistering 'Satoshi' Manifesto [Crypto Coins News] Self-proclaimed "Satoshi Nakamoto" Craig Wright published a blistering manifesto that predicted Bitcoin would disappear in "moments."

Growth, Kubernetes, rocket launches, gender in tech, and more Luckin Coffee [TechCrunch] Housekeeping & Extra Crunch 20% event discount reminder Extra Crunch will not be publishing on Monday due to the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. Publishing will resume as normal on Tuesday. Reminder: if you are an annual member of Extra Crunch, you…

Which public US universities graduate the most funded founders? [TechCrunch] When it comes to public universities, the old adage “you get what you pay for” clearly does not apply. Leading public research universities have a track record of turning out successful graduates.

Why the future of US data regulation must come from Congress [The Next Web] As of May 2019, over 20 US states have introduced bills seeking to regulate data privacy, data security, or some combination of the two. While many of these bills agree in spirit (i.e. privacy good, data collection and usage bad), the various bills are decide…

Watch Theresa May's resignation speech interpreted through dance [Mashable] They vogue their way through the pain.

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